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government facilities security services
We provide complete government Facility security services to government offices, building, department in Los Angeles, California.

Our well-trained armed and unarmed security guards for your government facilities handle transportation and patrol services, video surveillance, customer services, and special event security.

Government facilities in Southern California have been facing multiple security threats including terrorism, natural disasters, and information theft. 

At Aable Security, we have been providing expert security solutions to the important government offices and facilities in Los Angeles.

Why Choose Our Government Security Services?

At Aable Security, we are reviewing your security concerns while we create personalized security solutions for your specific security needs.

We provide professional security consultant to accomplish your needs!

Government Facility Security Services in Southern California

As the leading security service providers with more than 25 years of experience in Los Angeles, we offer uniformed protection and security services to a governmental entity, including government facilities, and military installations.

At Able Security,  Our experienced security officers are skilled, and well trained to provide reliable security services to keep employees, visitors, and foundation secure at any government facility in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Type of Security Guards at a Government Facility!

  • Armed and Unarmed Officers
  • Bodyguards and Field Supervisors
  • Security Officers in Plain Clothing
  • Uniformed Security Officers

Our government facility security services include:

  • Access Control
  • Management of Video Security Surveillance Equipment
  • Securing a Parking Structure
  • Securing of All Critical Infrastructure
  • Stationary and Security Patrols
  • Traffic Control and Transportation
  • Uniformed Security Officers
  • Visible Presence During Special Events

Do You Need Private Security for a Government Facility?

Contact our experienced security specialist today to discuss your needs.


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