Front Desk Security

Front Desk Security

Aable Security provides front desk security for twenty-five years. At Aable Security, we have learned that companies like yours can get two professional security services for the price of one. Having a professionally qualified Aable Security officer multi-task is an excellent method for you to add significant value to your business. Consider having a front desk reception person that also happens to be well trained in safety, security, response, and first-aid practices.
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Why Your Company Needs Front Desk Security Officers?

Some buildings and facilities require professional uniform security officers who also can provide an exceptional level of customer service.

Aable Security’s Ambassador Program was developed to provide that added dimension of security.

The security management program uses a concierge-style model to create a security barrier with a robust dual role of welcoming and protecting the people at your site.

Our Business is Protecting Your Company.

front desk security officer responsibilities

Our Security Officers Provide Key Services At Front Desk including:

  • Welcoming employees, clients, vendors, and visitors.
  • Signing visitors check-in and check out of your building.
  • Answering phones and taking and delivering messages
  • Issuing visitor badges
  • Escorting customers, vendors, and visitors to their correct locations
  • Immediate on-site responders to First Aid, AED, and CPR emergencies.
  • Immediately deters unwanted or unsafe behaviors, incidents and foot traffic 
  • Ensures an orderly front desk reception/lobby area 24 hours a day

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