Special Event Security

Special Event Security in Los Angeles

At Able Security, we provide exceptional safety, security, and presence to any special events such as political conventions, sports spectaculars, entertainment events, awards shows, and major corporate marketing in Los Angeles.

Aable Security offers assists with planning, threat evaluation and problem prevention; event crowd control; and if necessary, crisis response.

At Able Security, our event security personnel is trained to be respectful and professional while proving the safety and security of all the event attendees.

Special Event Security Management Services

Does your guest list include high-profile professionals and VIP?

Aable Security provides expert event security services for groups entertaining upscale private events.

Our security officers will be dressed professionally to meet the level and representation that you portray.

Aable Security has the experience to meet all your special event security needs no matter how large or complex the event.

We provide a full risk assessment for any special events!

At Able Security, we have a knowledgeable security team that has excellent experience with events that add and collaborate with your team.