Shopping Center

Shopping Center Security

At Aable Security, we provide a variety of security services for shopping centers by employing only the skilled and well-trained personals.

Shopping Centers, are visited by millions of customers yearly, especially during sales events.

With so many people gathering at shopping centers, there is, of course, the massive potential for something to go wrong like shoplifting, collisions, active shootings, armed robberies, accidents, and stealing.

At Aable Security, we understand the different safety and security needs of your shopping center. Finally, our top priority is the safety and security of your customers, employees, and team.

We provide professional security consultant to accomplish your needs!

Shopping Center Security Services in Southern California

As the leading security service providers with more than 25 years of experience in Los Angeles, we provide shopping center security services to shopping malls, whether large or small.

At Aable Security, we know the difficulty in shopping malls security. Therefore, we adjust our security services to the circumstances of each property and align plans to our portfolio standards.

Why Should You Hire Security Company for Your Shopping Mall?
  • To Deploy Cost Effective Security Services
  • To Deterring Crime and Violence
  • To Hire Armed or Unarmed Uniformed Security Guards
  • To Monitoring Your Facility with Security Camera
  • To Responding Quickly During Crisis or Accident
  • To Using Wide Range of Security Services

Our shopping mall security services include:

  • 24/7 Security Services
  • Checking Customers Entry and Exit Points
  • Consulting Safety Measures to Management
  • Crowd Management
  • Front Office Duties
  • Handling Security of Parking Lot
  • Helping and Escorting Customers
  • Operating CCTV and Video Surveillance

At Aable Security, We Have Dedicated Security Solutions for Your Shopping Center!

Contact our experienced security specialist today to discuss your needs.


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