Why choose Aable Security as your security guard services provider?

Why choose Aable Security as your security guard services provider?

The answer is in just a few words! Management Support, Well-trained security officers, and the latest technology.

Cloud Technology!

With proxiguard, our client would be able to check all the DRR from their cell phone! INSTANTLY! GPS –

  • TEST – I’m alive, SOS – alert
  • Two-way communication text messages
  • Real-time position
  • monitoring Inform clients by e-mail for any occurred incident Checkpoint scan (NFC, QR Code)
  • MME – pictures, voice messages, personal signatures
  • Create scheduled routes                
cloud technology
Body Camera!

Aable security officers are can to wear the cameras throughout their shift as per customer request. The batteries last for approximately 12 ½ hours. The devices are capable of recording high-quality video, even in situations where light is compromised, such as in dark, interior spaces or at night. 

Why we use body cameras in term of our client requirements?


  • Use of the cameras while On-Duty provides hard video evidence of decisions made by officers in high-intensity situations.    
  • Video recorded by body cams protect any false accusations, misconduct, or abuse against officers.    
  • Increases transparency and accountability of officers.
  • May help prevent and de-escalate confrontational situations between officers and civilians.
Well-trained Security Officers!

Aable Security invests in every security guards safety, and we send them to exclusive training in the county in which they live. The following is a list of training our security guards to go through:


  • • Arrest Procedures for Security Personnel
  • • Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
  • • Basic Law for Security Officers
  • • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • • Client Relations / Service Attitude
  • • Earthquake, Fire, and Bomb Threats
  • • Firearm Permits, State Certification Course; First Aid
  • • Observation Skills and Reporting
  • • Power to Arrest / Guard Card

As a service organization with more than 25 years of experience in law enforcement, we have established, a well-trained management team that will ensure you receive the attention and responsiveness you deserve, no matter the size of your security program.

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